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일시 : 2015년 05월 19일부

웹사이트 : www.azelis.com



1 . 아즈리스 회사 로고

2 . 문웅식회장 방문시 마켓팅 담당자들과.. 


PCHI 전시회(Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients) 2016.03.01~03에서

당사 로고와 당사 천연신소재들을 적용한 제품들을 전시, 홍보함




당사의 목단꽃뿌리한약제추출물(MSK-NE150)은 

세계적 권위의 2017 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards를 수상함.


Ringier Trade Media and its magazine HAPPI China.
Ringier Trade Media
와 잡지 HAPPI China가 공동 주최


당사의 목단뿌리추출물신소재 및 천연화장품원료들의 중국판매대리점인 Azelis MST HOLDINS를 대신하여

모든 수상부문에 걸쳐 60 개 회사의 99 개 제품과 치열한 경쟁에서 수상하는 영광을 안음.

Azelis wins another award for product innovation(Our product code no. MSK-NE150)

Vist our web-site : http://www.biocleanact.com/neweng/index.htm




6 July 2017

Azelis has won the Product Innovation Award at the 2017 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards, co-organised by Ringier Trade Media and its magazine HAPPI China. Azelis participated amongst fierce competition with a total of 99 products from 60 companies being entered across all the award categories.

Azelis, working with supplier Micro Science Tech Co. Ltd (MST) won the innovation award in the personal cleaning category, for the product MSK-NE 150 which is an extract from paeonia root. MSK-NE 150 is used in skincare, facial masks, homecare and oral care applications and is an anti-microbial liquid with excellent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-virus efficacy. MSK-NE 150 is 100% natural and extracted from paeoniaceae subspecies which are considered oriental medial herbs and aid with long life and prosperity.

As quoted by Ringier Events, the award is committed to “recognising the excellent companies which have made contributions for the advancement of industry through technological innovation, improvements in a product's efficiency, or creating a new marketing opportunity”.

Conrad Bucheleres, Managing Director Azelis China, comments: “We are delighted to win the Product Innovation Award as we were up against strong leading companies in our industry who had submitted fantastic entries. This award win highlights how as a team, Azelis ‘connects the dots’ translating market trends and customer needs into award-winning formulations. Ensuring a competitive and stimulating environment in Azelis China has enabled our talented and knowledgeable staff to win many awards over the past couple of years. The highly skilled team of Azelis China continually strive to meet local demands and deliver high standards of service and I am very proud of their many achievements.”


 Azelis CEO Mr. Jackson Chu, MST HOLDINGS CEO Dr. Moon W. S. (July 11, 2019)


Ringier Technology Innovation Awards (Ttrophy)