2022 VietnamPlas 전시회참가(베트남 호치민, SECC)

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2022 VietnamPlas 전시회참가(베트남 호치민, SECC) 

The 20th Vietnam International Plastics&Rubber Industry Exhibition

Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC)

당사 ()마이크로사이언스테크는(MST·대표 문웅식··브랜드명:바이오크린액트)

베트남 호치민에서 개최된 2022 VietnamPlas 전시회에 참가함 

We, MST(KOREA) CO., LTD.(CEO Woong-Sig Moon··BrandName: BioCleanAct™ )

participated in the 2022 VietnamPlas exhibition held in HoChiMinh, Vietnam from November 23-26, 2022.

BioCleanAct Anti-microbial masterbatch

-Pellet-type applicable to PE, PVC, SAN, PP, ABS, PET, Nylon, PC, TPE, PS, TPU Polyester chip etc.

-Non-toxic to the human body.

-Environment anti-microbial efficacy

-Superior resistance against the heat

-Test report from testing institutions recognized by US FDA& Korea FDA

-Application:hygiene product, kid toy, coating film, food packing material, medical device, automobile material, military supplie, hepa filter, bag, toilet, plastic cup, etc



문웅식 대표이사/회장(CEO/Chairman Woong-Sig Moon)